Quality and Environment Policy

Hear in the Club de Vela in the Port of Andratx we are aware of the needs and importance of a correct management of its installations, so as to satisfy our members and clients, incorporating a system to respect and protect our surrounding environment in our activities. For this the club has a Quality and Environmental Management System, in accordance with the main regulations of the “ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and the 1221/2009 EMAS”.

In this area, we have made the following commitments:

  • Comply with the environmental rules and legislation, as well as other requirements our company may subscribe.
  • Maintain and improve the efficiency in the current system of the Quality and Environmental Management.
  • Define and revise periodically the aims and goals of the Quality end Environmental System established, complying with its policy, and a continued improvement within the development of our activities, and thus achieve the improvement of environmental performance
  • Adopt the necessary measures for the prevention of contamination and guarantee an environmentally safe environment for our workers, customers, members and students, working on the development of internal protocols with exhaustive controls
  • Using rationally our natural resources, with special attention to water and electricity.
  • Manage both dangerous and non dangerous waste produced by members and customers of the Club.
  • Adopt the necessary measurements to prevent contamination.
  • Resolve in an efficient, fast and satisfactory way the claims and consults made by our members and customers.
  • Maintain a systematic way to identify the necessities to form and plan the correct management, aimed to guarantee the compliance with our personnel and subcontractors with the courant policy, extending in the training and sensitization of the environmental effects, especially to the younger generation in the Sport-sailing school, and with the external businesses in the maintenance of boats.
  • Promote nautical activities, complementary with the relevance in social and sport areas, as well as collaboration with its surrounding tourism.
  • Revise this current policy at least once a year with the aim to insure a continued sustainability.

To this end, the Puerto de Andratx Sailing Club makes this policy and goals available to staff, customers and society as a whole.

Board of Directors

18th April 2020

Environmental Code of Conduct


When you are in port, remember

Avoid using the on-board WC and showers while you are moored at the port (these services are available in our facilities).
When cleaning your vessel, use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
Carry out periodic maintenance of motors and the vessel. Prevent fuel spills, check tanks and hoses to avoid leaks.
If you carry out repairs and maintenance while afloat, take every precaution to prevent toxic products from spilling into the sea.
Use location 18 on the map to empty grey water and bilges.
Avoid carrying out maintenance tasks, sanding, varnishing, painting, etc. in the water.

Buoy field

When you are in the buoy field, remember

Rubbish will be collected by club staff in the buoy area. Waste, cardboard, glass and plastic should be placed in separate bags, indicating the contents of each one to the sea crew.
When sluicing down, use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
Prevent fuel, grey water and slops spills.
Avoid carrying out maintenance tasks, sanding, varnishing, painting, and if you do so, be respectful in their use.
Respect your surroundings by avoiding the use of audible signals and avoid operating any motor or generator during the night which may produce noise and disturb neighbouring vessels.
You must comply with all navigation, signage, prohibition and fishing regulations. Maximum speed: 3 knots.
The Mediterranean is among the seas with the greatest biological diversity on the planet. We are going to preserve it.
The club has bilge and grey water pump-out facilities (free service). Note the location on the map.
Shower service (with payment for the service)

And when you go out sailing…

Try to anchor in locations where you will not destroy the sea floor.
Comply with all navigation, signage, prohibition and fishing regulations.
Respect your surroundings by avoiding the use of audible signals and avoid operating any motor or generator during the night.

Facilities map

Map of the facilities, waste management, grey water and bilge slops

Nearby marine parks and reserves

  • 1

    Sa Dragonera Nature Reserve

    Authorisation for individual visitors (fewer than 10 people) can be obtained on the island at the welcome centre.
  • 2

    Isla del Toro y de las Islas Malgrats Marine Reserve

    Licenses: fishing and diving. Directorate-General for Fishing: C/ dels Foners, 10 - 07006 Palma Phone number 971 176 100 - http://dgpesca.caib.es
  • 3

    Cabrera Maritime-Terrestrial National Park

    Buoy bookings must be made online at the Balearic Islands Government website.

Environmental Statement

Blue Flag


This marina has been awarded the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is a recognition of environmental quality which is granted to marinas that make a special effort with regard to proper environmental management of the port and the natural surroundings, and which provide users with information about environmental matters. To obtain the Blue Flag designation, the marina must meet a number of requirements related to environmental education and information, environmental management, services, and water safety and quality.

Some information about the Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a recognition awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an environmental non-governmental organization, represented by national organizations in 40 countries on 4 continents.

The Blue Flag is a recognition of environmental quality which is awarded to beaches and marinas.

The Blue Flag primarily covers four areas:

1) Environmental education and information

2) Environmental management

3) Safety and services

4) Water quality

The Blue Flag distinction is awarded for a single season and the recognition is only valid as long as the requirements continue to be met. When this is no longer the case, the authorities responsible for the marina must take down the blue flag. The CVPA received this recognition in 2009 and is expected to renew it for the 2010 season.

Each national FEE organization inspects the Blue Flag locations during the season.

You can also help with the campaign by making an active contribution to environmental protection:

Follow the instructions in the Environmental Code of Conduct, which you can find in our services guide and in section 4 of this website and the surroundings

Bodies responsible for the Blue Flag at the national and local level:

These are the names and addresses of the local and national bodies responsible for the Blue Flag program. You can help with the campaign by contacting either of them and stating your opinion about the CVPA’s degree of compliance with the Blue Flag criteria. By doing so, you will be helping to ensure that the quality standards required by the Blue Flag program are maintained.

Balearic Islands Department of the Environment as the local responsible body. Av. Gabriel Alomar y Villalonga nº33, 07006 Palma de Mallorca. Phone number.- 971 17 68 00

ADEAC-FEE Environmental and Consumer Education Association – Foundation for Environmental Education as the national operator. C/ Velazquez 45, 2º. 28001 Madrid Phone number- 91 435 3147 Email: baderaazul@adeac.es www.banderaazul.org


How can I support the Blue Flag programme?

Follow the instructions of the attached pictograms and marina staff.

Contribute to sustainable development at the local level. Act responsibly and save water, fuel and electricity.

Help us to maintain the desired level of environmental quality with your criticism and suggestions. Contact the ADEAC by mail, fax or email, including: name of the town and Blue Flag beach or marina, date, time, problem detected or suggestion for improvement, and contact address for a reply.

How can I get the Blue Flag for my vessel?

Skippers of vessels mooring at a Blue Flag marina who are interested in supporting the Blue Flag programme must apply for this distinction.

Step one: skippers must notify the marina office of their interest in the programme in order to obtain all the necessary information, including the Blue Flag Code of Conduct at sea.

Step two: interested parties must commit to the code of conduct, maintaining a respectful attitude and caring for the marine environment, setting an example for other skippers and encouraging them to comply with the code of conduct, reporting misconduct or bad practices by other vessels.

Step three: the marina will send the ADEAC documentation certifying the merits of the skipper and their commitment to the Blue Flag programme. This information will be studied by the ADEAC-FEE. If the ADEAC considers the skipper to be deserving, they will be able to obtain a Blue Flag for their vessel.



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