March 2 and 3, 2024, Real Club Náutico de Palma

Organized by the Real Club Náutico de Palma together with the Balearic Canoeing Federation and the Royal Spanish Federation, the 1st Competition of the Spanish Sea Kayak Cup and selective test for the 2024 European Championship in the Azores, this weekend has brought together more than 400 paddlers from 35 clubs in the Bay of Palma.

Two meteorologically tough days in the bay, with a lot of wind and strong waves, a very difficult scenario for paddlers and organization. On Saturday, Josep Joan Cifre, first from the Balearic Islands, 7th overall and gold in the sub23 category, in the distance of 15,000 meters, got the pass to compete in the European Championship.

On Sunday, the turn of the young promises, doubles and mixed, where the Sailing Club, with the gold from Pep Alemany and the silver from Andreu Ferrer, Guiem Porcel and Margalida Alemany together with Alba Fernández, has achieved silver for clubs .

Results Saturday day 2

Men’s sub23 SS1

1st Josep Joan Cifre

Woman sub23 SS1

3rd María Reus

Children’s MX A SS2

2nd Núria Ferrer/Andreu Ferrer

Childish Man A SS2

3rd Guiem Porcel/Héctor Sielva

4th Eric Dosil/Pep Alemany

Male Cadet B SS1

9th Victor Sobczak

13th Jorge Garrido

20th Maximilian Flaska

Veteran Man 40/44 SS1

1st Jaime Bennassar

Veteran Man 45/49 SS1

11º Juan Aguayo

14th Luis Derqui

Veteran Man 50/54 SS1

6º José Alemany

Veteran Man 65/69 SS1

3rd Miquel Perelló

Results Sunday day 3

Childish Man A SS1

2nd Andreu Ferrer

10th Hector Silva

Men’s Child B SS1

1st Pep Alemany

2nd Guiem Porcel

7th Eric Dosil

Childish Woman A SS1

4th Núria Ferrer

SS2 Cadet Man

10º Jorge Garrido/Víctor Sobczak

SS2 Cadet Woman

2nd Margalida Alemany/Alba Fernández

Men’s sub23 SS2

4th Pep Joan Cifre/Tomeu Zanoguera

MX Senior SS2

3rd Jaime Bennassar/María Reus

Veteran Man 50/54 SS2

Guillermo Soler/Guillermo Alemany

Veteran Man 45/49 SS2

José Alemany/Juan Aguayo

Sailing Club 2nd classified by Young Promising Clubs (Children and Cadets)