XXIII Balearic Cup in Calm Waters
February 24 and 25, 2024, Lake Esperanza. Alcudia

In the calm waters of Lake Esperanza, the Balearic Winter Championship was held this weekend. Organized by the Balearic Canoeing Federation, on the stormy Saturday morning it was the Young Promises’ turn to deal with the cold and rainy day in Alcudia. In typically winter conditions, the male and female K1, Infants 3,000m, juveniles 2000m, juniors 1,000m, cadets 5,000m and prebenjamines 1000m, rowed in this order, with the Sailing Club paddlers achieving an excellent podium for clubs and third in the medal table. autonomous. It is worth highlighting the extraordinary performance of Pep Alemany (Infantile B) in the exciting K1 regatta in the distance of 3000 meters in which, in addition to winning his category, only a handful of tenths separated him from the first in the higher category, that of the most veteran and physically trained of Infantil A.
Sunday would be the turn of the under 23 category in K1 for men and women in the distance of 5,000 meters. In cold and strong wind conditions, in a highly contested task rowing in the first positions of her category, Maria Reus, in great shape, turned the 4,000 meter buoy to face the last 1,000 meters in second place, but lost the support of the outer blade with a consequent overturn, having to be content with a sixth place finish. Better luck for Josep Joan Cifre, who with great authority and strategy was fighting for the first absolute places rowing with the most veteran Seniors. Finally he would obtain silver in his category.
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©CVPA/ Luca Monzani

Men’s Children’s A K1 3000m
4th Andreu Ferrer
12th Hector Silva

Women’s Children’s A K1 3000m
9th Núria Ferrer

Men’s Children’s B K1 3000m
1st Pep Alemany
3rd Eric Dosil
8º Guillermo Porcel

Men Alevín A K1 2000m
2nd Arnau Alemany
4th Gabriel Selva 9th Simón Flaska

Male Alevín B K1 2000m
7th Joel Orrit
11º Pablo Aguayo
16th Oscar Cabezas

Female Alevín B K1 2000m
2nd Sofia Schmidt

Man Benjamin A K1 1000m
2nd Alan Garrido

Male Cadet B K1 5000m
5th Maximilian Flaska
6th Victor Sobzak
7º Jorge Garrido

Female Cadet B K1 5000m
2nd Alba Fernández
4th Margalida Alemany

Men’s Prebenjamín K1 1000m
1st Toni Alemany Cirer
3rd Jaume Cifre
4th Rui Bryn
5th Bernat Schipper

Prebenjamín Woman K1 1000m
1st Isabel Dosil

Men’s Prebenjamín B K1 1000m
3rd Oriol Alemany

CVPA 3rd classified by clubs and 3rd in the medal table

Women’s Sub23 K1 5000m
6º María Reus

Men’s Sub23 K1 5000m
2nd Josep Joan Cifre