Ciudadela Yacht Club
February 18, 2024

This Saturday the second Balearic Sea Kayak Cup was held in the waters of Ciudadela de Menorca, an important open sea regatta in the regional calendar and preparatory to the next Spanish Cup of the specialty to be held in Palma de Mallorca next March. The paddlers of our Sailing Club have achieved a notable result, collecting in all categories, Children, Cadet, Sub 23 and Veterans and in both modalities, male and female, Individual K1 and double K2, 7 golds, 5 silvers and 1 bronze and sealing a brilliant podium in the final club qualifier.


Children’s Men’s B K1
1st Pep Alemany 2nd Guiém Porcel 4th Eric Dosil

Children’s Lady A K1
2nd Nuria Ferrer

Children’s Men’s K2
1st Andreu Ferrer/Héctor Sielva

Cadet Lady B K1
1st Margalida Alemany 2nd Alba Fernández

Cadet Male B K1
3rd Victor Sobscka 5th Jordi Garrido

Men under 23 K1
1st Pep Joan Cifre

Lady sub 23 K1
1st María Reus

Veteran Male (40-44 years)
1st Jaime Bennassar 2nd Juan Aguayo

Veteran Male (50-54 years)
4º José Alemany

Veteran Male (60-64 years)
1st Guillermo Soler 2nd Guillermo Alemany

3rd classified by clubs Club de Vela Puerto Andratx